The Original Chipwich - FAQ


What is a Chipwich?

The Original Chipwich is an ice cream sandwich made with rich and creamy premium vanilla ice cream sandwiched between two fresh baked chocolate chunk cookies and rolled in real chocolate chips. 

Where has The Original Chipwich been for the past few years?

The Chipwich brand was first introduced in 1981 and quickly became a beloved ice cream treat. After the brand was bought by a series of companies, the ice cream sandwich was taken off the market in 2011. Despite its seven year absence, there remains great affection for the brand. We made good on those memories by bringing the Original Chipwich back with the best possible ingredients – premium ice cream, real chocolate chips and no artificial flavors or colors for a delicious and indulgent taste and a bit of nostalgia.

What flavors does Chipwich come in?

The Original Chipwich is available in a variety of flavors including: Vanilla Chocolate Chip, Birthday Cake, Cookies & Cream, and Mint Chocolate Chip.


The Original Chipwich is also available in pints, choose from Vanilla Chocolate Chip or Mint Chocolate Chip. 


Are there allergens in The Original Chipwich?

We label the eight major food allergens on our packages. We recommend to always check the label for the most current information before purchasing and/or consuming the products.

How many calories are in an Original Chipwich ice cream sandwich?

The calories and other nutrition levels vary by flavor. We recommend checking the label before purchasing and/or consuming the products. 


Does Chipwich use rBST?

Chipwich does not source milk or cream from cows that have been treated with rBST (a synthetic hormone given to dairy cows to enhance milk production)



Is The Original Chipwich Kosher?

Yes, the Original Chipwich is certified Kosher – Dairy by “KOF-K” Kosher Supervision 

Is there an expiration date on the product?

Chipwich does not “expire”, but there is a “Best By” date stamped on the package to ensure that you are eating fresh product.

What about storage?

Chipwich is best store at home, unopened at 0 degrees F (18 degrees C.) The product does not “expire”, but we recommend -10 degree F (-23.3 degrees C) or colder for extended storage up to the “Best By date.

Where can I buy The Original Chipwich?

Please refer to the Store Locator section of the Chipwich site to locate the nearest retailer.

How can I stay informed of new products and promotions?

You can follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. You can also sign up for our mailing list on the Chipwich site Home page.