recalls The Original Chipwich

Connecticut (June 24, 2024) – Crave Better Foods, LLC, acted today to ensure the quality, safety and integrity of its flagship Original Chipwich products, after receiving a report from the Totally Cool facility in Maryland concerning a possible health issue on a production line used to make frozen ice cream cakes. Crave Better Foods maintains and operates a small, separate production line at the same facility to produce a limited quantity of a single variety of its beloved ice cream cookie sandwiches.

Although no ingredients, production equipment, or finished Chipwich products were implicated in the report, and despite its production line being physically isolated and independently operated from the rest of the Totally Cool facility, Crave Better Foods has issued a voluntary recall for a limited quantity of its Vanilla Chocolate Chip Chipwich ice cream cookie sandwiches.

While this action is unfortunate, it was taken out of an abundance of caution and care for the product and its loyal fans. Chipwich only sources the highest quality ingredients and maintains stringent production standards to ensure everyone can always find and enjoy their favorite Chipwich variety. Please note that the following items are NOT included in the recall:

• Thin Mint Chipwich, available in 3-Pack (grocery) and 10-Pack
• Birthday Cake Chipwich available in Single-Serve (convenience, grocery) and 3-Pack (grocery)
• Vanilla Chocolate Chip Chipwich available in Single-Serve (see lot code information below), 3-Pack (grocery) and 10-Pack (see lot code information below)
• Double Chocolate Chip Chipwich available in 3- and 10-Pack
• Cookies & Cream Chipwich available in Single-Serve (convenience, grocery) and 3-Pack (grocery)
• Mint Chipwich available in 3-Pack (grocery)
• Peanut Butter Chipwich available in 3-Pack (grocery)

What to Know and Do

A small number of Vanilla Chocolate Chip Chipwich sandwiches sold at grocery as Single-Serve, 3-Pack or 10-Packs are affected by this action. To determine whether your Chipwich package is included, locate the 5-Digit Lot Code on the upper right-corner of the front of package and check it against the list of affected Lot Codes provided at

If your product has a 6-digit lot code or plant #06-189, it is NOT being recalled

If you have a purchased a package of Vanilla Chocolate Chip Chipwich sandwiches that is affected, please visit for information and instructions concerning product refund or replacement.

Crave Better Foods has coordinated this action with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the Totally Cool processing facility in Owings Mills, MD.

For more information, please visit or contact

See lot codes.